Shopping has drastically changed forever

Buying and selling online is not new. Haggling is not new. Hunting for bargains is not new. More Than Four-in-Ten U.S. Adults Likely to Consider Haggling As a Tactic to Save Money On Holiday Shopping, Finds New CouponCabin 2012 Survey. The point is that through haggling both parties are enriched. They each find out something about the other, they both get to understand the imperatives driving the price and value of goods. They both get to become part of a new way of buying and selling online.

“In the 21st century we can no longer rely on the traditional way to buy and sell,” explains Manos Ioannidis COO of Galoo an innovative website for negotiating online “we needed a new way to connect sellers and buyers in ways which help lower the cost of the transaction while maintaining the value of the purchase for both the seller and the buyer. Galoo is exactly that way and buyers and sellers across the globe are discovering the ease with which they can find what they each want. Buyers just ask what they want at the price they want to pay. Could you imagine putting your Christmas list in at your budget and filling your list with sellers that can meet your prices? That is why we created Galoo. We wanted to bring this experience to the buyer and seller.”

The world has changed a lot over the last dozen years. We have gone from prices controlled by brands to prices set by the market. That market is always shifting. 

Today’s seller and buyer want to connect with each other quickly, efficiently, at a minimum loss of time and energy. They want to have an optimized transactional experience that leaves them both feel they have won. And they want to connect at a human level. A level which keeps pace with today’s social media world.

The truth is no price is fixed and there can be an equilibrium between buying and selling. awarded in the Balkans Venture Forum Competition

26.11.2012 - services has received an award in the Balkans Venture Forum Competition qualifying the team of Galoo to head to Berlin Germany and present at the finals of the European Venture Summit in December, to over 120 investors. ( ), a global website that links buyers and sellers by allowing a buyer to enter what they want at the price they want. “We are honored to win the award. We really add new meaning to ecommerce. It is like a reverse groupon where the buyer or buyers can create their own deal on products and services” says Manos Ioannidis COO. “Buyers do not have to search for hours to find the price or what they want and sellers do not have to advertise their discounts to everyone. It creates an equilibrium between buyers and sellers with the key factor of interaction. A win-win for both!”

Co-founders, Alison Andrews, CEO and Manos Ioannidis, COO presented to hundreds of attendees. For consumers looking to buy products or services at great prices and for sellers looking to list their own products and services, provides the answer: “Galoo is a radically different approach to buying and selling online which has the potential to revolutionize disrupt the traditional way we price goods and services, unlocking real value and bringing a correction of the market, globally, in alignment with social values. “ says Alison Andrews.

Launched in the Balkans in 2011, Galoo is quickly expanding throughout Europe and North America. The concept is catching and many people are using it to fill their holiday shopping list. It has been awarded for an innovative business model in Athens Greece. Galoo has also been granted a US Patent and is pursuing its international rights.

His Royal Highness Crown Prince Alexander closed the ceremony of the Balkan Venture Forum on the 23rd of November, at the Hotel Metropole Palace in Belgrade, and addressed the participants stating “Entrepreneurs are the backbone of all market economies".

The Balkan Venture Forum is a leading regional investment and innovation forum. It showcases innovative companies to active investors and promotes innovation, entrepreneurship, investment readiness and access to finance in the Balkans. More than 40 investors, with investment portfolios of over 3 billion euros attended the two day Conference in Belgrade.

Galoo Plans To Alter Conventional Methods of Online Transactions

Galoo has launched its much awaited website and its virtual shopping facility is already creating waves amongst the buying community. Armed with an unusual type of marketing strategy, Galoo links buyers and sellers of products and services in a manner that equally benefits both the buyer and the seller. Read More

Galoo: the new concept for sales and deals revealed

Galoo brings buyers and sellers of products and services together, locally and across the globe. It is a virtual e-commerce social shopping hub where buyers initiate and set the price requirements first “beating the advertised price” and ask registered sellers to accept the price. Galoo is unique because not only do the buyers make an offer on products but ask to “beat the price” on services too. Read More

Galoo executive runs for social responsibility

Graham Galoo Executives , 36, is usually seen crunching numbers and putting together marketing campaigns behind a desk on his computer, on the telephone or in meetings, but on April 22nd he will be donning his shorts and running 26.2 miles / 42.16 Kilometres to raise money for the St John Ambulance Charity. Read More

Galoo celebrates full patent approval for online bargaining

ATHENS, February 8th, 2012 – Galoo, the newly-established “pay what you want buyer’s marketplace” a new, fun and excitinge-commerce social shopping hub which brings the art of negotiation online, has finally secured full patent approval from United States Patent Office with the rights of international extension. Read More



ONLINE SHOPPING: Risk and Reward


Shopping is always a risky business. 

When we have to go out to a traditional brick-and-mortar shop to find that special something which we need for the house, for a gift, or for any other reason, we run several risks concurrently – we risk NOT finding it, we risk paying too much for it, we risk having to settle for an alternative, and we risk being distracted by many other things around it. 

Buying online reduces a few risks. Usually, no matter what it is, if it was made or offered, it will be discovered on the Internet. This could be through online auction houses like ebay, websites of traditional high street retailers, or sites offering price comparison and direct contact between buyer and seller like the upcoming Read More

Move over daily deals as consumers are being put in the driving seat


The virtual shopping arena is stirring up quite the buzz. Daily Deal sites are popping up everywhere. Although they are starting to saturate markets worldwide, the buzz is now starting to sting. 

Are daily deal sites really putting consumers in the driving seat? Consumers all over are asking to create their own deal not to wait for a deal to come. They want to be in the drivers seat for what they want in price and terms not what is offered to them. Stepping into this void is Galoo. A new virtual shopping site which combines social shopping with deals, trade and e-commerce with "beat the price" technology. Read More