How to Sell on Galoo

Selling on Galoo is cost effective, generates a customer base, and most importantly, is simple and easy to use. As long as you have a valid email address and telephone number, you can sell on Galoo.

Selling on galoo is easy and fun. Just register for free and choose the category of the products or services that you offer and the locations you are willing to sell to. If you want to display your products and services that you are interested in haggling on, you can also add up to 12 items for free in our featured products and services section . Read more about it in our FAQ

Once you are set up as a seller you will receive free customer leads via email messages with offers on your products and services from genuine qualified buyers. You can also see what our buyers want and click "sell this" to sell directly to the buyer.

Enter into negotiations with qualified buyers, and once a price has been agreed, finalize terms of delivery and payment methods.

Register as a SELLER

If you need any additional info, visit our FAQ

Seller Questions

I have an e-commerce website. Can I list my products on

Yes, sellers post their featured product or service on their seller profile page in my galoo. Buyers can view featured products or services on the site and select one that they would like to make an offer on. The featured product or service displays only the retail price and buyers are able to click and negotiate with you. Our optional "instant answer" innovative system allows you to provide buyers with an answer the moment they post their requested price. By entering the variable of price you are willing to accept, the buyer can receive and instant answer if within that price.

Galoo's featured product or service section is designed to showcase your products or service. Whether it be for direct purchase or to show a galoo buyer your product or service, galoo provides this service to enhance your sales.

Do I have to accept a Buyer request?

No, whilst Buyers request better prices for products or services, you are not always able to agree to a price, even after live negotiations. You are never forced to accept any Buyer request.

I have some products and services on discount during different periods. Is it possible to accept buyer requests and sell on Galoo without making the price public?

Yes, the final price agreed between yourselves and the buyer is never made public. You may need to change the price depending on seasons or events. Remember, Galoo is great for liquidating inventory, or filling service spaces. You may wish to lower your prices on these occasions.

How do I become a trusted / verified Seller?

Once you are signed up as a Seller, click the link within your profile titled 'ask to be a trusted seller.' Fill in the online form and we will cross check and verify your details before listing you as a trusted Seller. This service is free.

Can I provide feedback on the Buyer?

Yes, a Seller can rank a Buyer, and vice versa. This ranking allows Galoo users to interact with other trusted Buyers and Sellers.

How much will Galoo charge me?

Sellers are charged a small commission fee of 8% on the completion of successful transactions only. See our pricing page for additional details.