How to Buy on Galoo

Buyer (s) enter what they want or can search through our database of products and/or services. They can even make an offer on our seller's featured product and/or service section. View all featured products and services

Increase your chances of a better and more successful deal by inviting friends to join your buyer request.

We notify relevant sellers, so you just need to wait for the sellers to come to you. You will receive emails and message alerts from Sellers straight to your inbox and galoo's online negotiation room, where you can enter a negotiation to save money on your purchase.

Once a price has been agreed, you will finalize the terms of delivery and your method of payment directly with the seller through

When the transaction is complete, galoo will display your savings. If you wish, you will have the option of donating a small portion of your savings directly to your favorite charity.

Once you've received your product or service you can rank the Seller, making sure that only the best Sellers are used by your fellow buyers.

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