Frequently Asked Questions

Buyers ask what you want, at the price you want and negotiate with our thousands of sellers. Buyers can also browse our featured products and service section to say the price they want for featured products or services.

Save and negotiate your way to great buyer requests by making sure you have all the answers. Below you'll find the most Frequently Asked Questions by galoo users, ordered by topic. Click on a topic to see relevant questions and answers. We should be able to answer most of your questions below, but if you still need further help, please contact us.

What is galoo's position for online trust and security?

At Galoo, we believe that trust and security is the backbone of for building our business. Galoo has taken measures to ensure the safest shopping experience for both the buyer and the seller. To protect the data and integrity of our system, galoo obtained Norton SSL certification, and has positioned itself in a well-known data center with cutting edge infrastructure and security protection.

How can our purchases be protected?

The payment terms are made between the buyer and seller. In order to assist our buyers, galoo has aligned itself with paypal which has a full buyer protection program. Paypal can "protect your purchase anywhere you shop and pay with paypal. Just in case the item does not arrive, or if it significantly different from its description" paypal can help to get your money back.

What can galoo do for me?

By matching Buyers and Sellers in a worldwide marketplace, we allow Sellers and Buyers to negotiate great prices, and make great buyer requests. View all buyer requests.

How do I set up a galoo account?

Buyers and Sellers can set up a galoo account here.

What will a registered user account cost me?

It is free, and safe, to register as a buyer or seller with galoo.

How much does galoo charge?

Buyers are not charged for using galoo. Sellers are charged a small commission fee of 8% on the completion of successful transactions only.

How does 'invite a friend' or 'invite a Seller' work?

The best way to lower a price being offered by a Seller is to buy more of his product. By inviting friends who also want this product, you can work together to get a better buyer request. Whilst you make the buyer request together, each buyer is charged separately, so there is no pressure on you to pay more by inviting friends. If you have a favoured Seller when you create a buyer request, you can enter their email address and telephone number so they can see the buyer request.

What is phone verification and why should I use it?

To ensure safety and to eliminate fraud, we've implemented an automated telephone verification system. The telephone verification system is optional, but tells buyers and Sellers that you are legitimate. The cost of verification is 1 Euro. Verifying a telephone number takes just a few seconds. You will receive a PIN code over the phone, which you enter into the webpage where you created the verification request.

Is SMS Verification different to Telephone Verification?

They are essentially the same, both receive a pin to authenticate a user. The only difference is SMS messages can only be delivered to mobile phones, whilst voice verification works across all telephones. Both systems work in any country with any language. Historically, 40% of users prefer to receive their PIN via SMS, whilst the rest receive voice calls.

Can I browse the galoo directory without a Buyer or Seller account?

You can search and browse galoo without limitations, even without an account. You will need an account should you wish to make a buyer request or connect with other users.

Can I change the username on my account?

Yes, you can change your username and password as often as you like. Login to your account and change your user settings.

My account is suspended or closed – Why?

galoo only suspends or closes accounts for which we detect unusual activity. Contact us and we can work together to fix the issue.

How long do I have to accept offers from Sellers?

As a buyer, you can decide how long you would like to receive Seller offers that match your request, whether it's an hour a day a week or a month.

How much should I offer to pay for an item or service?

Sellers list their products and services at low prices, but you can still request that they 'Beat the advertised price,' and negotiate your own buyer request to create your own discount. Whilst you won't always get an offer at the price you want, you can certainly have fun haggling for the best buyer request possible.

Can I accept offers from more than one Seller at a time?

Yes, you can accept as many offers as you like. In fact, you can invite Sellers to respond to a request too. If you know of a great merchant not using galoo, you can also contact them and ask them to join in the fun.

What products and services can I buy in the galoo marketplace?

If you want to purchase it, then galoo can list it. Our Sellers come from every continent and we take pride in posting products and services it's hard to find elsewhere.

I refused an offer but now I want to accept it. Will galoo let me do that?

If this happens, it's best to contact the Seller through your galoo account. Ask them to negotiate a buyer request again, based on their previous offer.

What if I don't want to do business with the Seller offering the lowest price?

That's totally fine you only accept the Sellers you want to do business with.

How are the 'Buy Now' and 'Negotiate Price' features different from one another?

The 'Buy Now' feature at galoo allows you to purchase without a buyer request negotiation. These prices are already low, and no further buyer requests are possible. The 'Negotiate Price' feature allows you to create your own discount and create seller competition to drive prices down even more. We call this 'reverse buying' – you set the price, and Sellers compete to beat the advertised price.

Is there a limit to the number of requests I can post simultaneously?

As a registered buyer, you can post as many requests as you like at any one time.

How can galoo help me find the product or service I want to purchase?

You can search through our directory of products and services to find what you are looking for. Our network of Sellers from around the world ensure you can find almost anything you want or need. Search by item, service, category, location and more. If what you want isn't listed, create a request for what you are looking for and galoo will send your request to our huge database of Sellers worldwide.

How much will I be charged for Shipping and Handling?

You won't be charged a penny by galoo. All shipping, handling and logistics are taken care of by the Seller.

Can I invite certain galoo Sellers to make me an offer?

We encourage you to invite your favourite or other highly rated Sellers to respond to your requests, ensuring you get the best buyer request.

Can I modify a request after offers start coming in?

A request can be modified for as long as you are accepting offers. Sellers are alerted when changes are made. We certainly don't encourage this and you shouldn't make a habit out of continuously changing requests, but we understand that mistakes can happen or that you want to extend requests.

Can I ask Sellers questions before completing a buyer request?

Ask any and all questions you have regarding the buyer request before you agree to a sale. You shouldn't be uncertain about any of the terms once a transaction completes.

Do I need to present coupons to galoo Sellers?

galoo does not use coupons, so you will never need to present them.

How do I cancel or delete my request?

You just need to login to your account, open up your request and click 'cancel.' Once you tell us the reason for cancelling the request, we'll alert Sellers.

How and when do I pay for my order?

If you purchase a product through the 'Buy Now' feature, your payment is processed immediately through the Sellers website. 'Negotiate Price' purchases require you to pay for your order after you have agreed the terms and conditions with the Seller. You should protect your purchasing dollars and privacy by using our third-party escrow service. Other payment methods may be available at check out (see Seller's terms).

How do I 'Save Big, Do Good?'

When you complete a transaction, a handy calculator tallies up your savings. Should you wish you can then donate a portion of those savings to charity. Simply select your favoured charity from the galoo Charitable Partners dropdown menu and select the amount you wish to donate. It's our way of helping you make the world a better place for everyone!

Can I list my products or services on galoo?

Yes, sellers post their featured product or service on their seller profile page in my galoo. Buyers can view featured products or services on the site and select one that they would like to make an offer on. The featured product or service displays only the retail price and buyers are able to click and negotiate with you. Our optional "instant answer" innovative system allows you to provide buyers with an answer the moment they post their requested price. By entering the variable of price you are willing to accept, the buyer can receive and instant answer if within that price.

Galoo's featured product or service section is designed to showcase your products or service. Whether it be for direct purchase or to show a galoo buyer your product or service, galoo provides this service to enhance your sales.

What products & services will galoo let me sell?

Our buyers come from all over the world looking for products and services that are hard to find elsewhere. Before listing your items, make sure it's allowed on and find out if there are specific rules and conditions on how it should be listed. See the list of prohibited and restricted items.

Do I have to list items for sale one by one?

Yes, since many different buyers visit galoo looking for products and services, we ask that you list items one by one. Our intuitive drop-down menus and search categories make this process easy.

How do I submit an offer, and how do I price my products and/or services?

Login to your Seller account to review matching buyer requests or search requests by product or service type. You can then submit an offer. You are able to list your products and services at any price you wish.

What happens after a galoo Buyer accepts my offer?

Once a buyer accepts your offer, we'll send you their contact information. To protect your products, services and privacy we suggest that you use our third-party escrow service to close the sale, unless you've listed other payment methods in your terms.

Can I fulfil requests from more than one Buyer at a time?

As a registered Seller, you can fulfil as many buyer requests as you like at any one time.

What if I don't want to do business with a particular Buyer?

That's totally fine, you only accept and sell your products and/or Services with the buyers that you want to.

How long do I have to submit lowest fixed price offers to Buyers?

Each buyer has their own deadlines for offers being submitted. You will need to look at each request to see how long you have.

A Buyer refused my initial offer but now wants to accept it. Will galoo let me do that?

Yes, galoo allows you to make a deal at any time you wish.

How are the 'Buy Now' and 'Negotiate Price' features different from one another?

The 'Buy Now' feature at galoo allows buyers to purchase goods at your already advertised list price. The 'Negotiate Price' feature allows buyers to request products and services at the price they are looking to make a purchase and to start negotiations with Sellers.

Can I offer to 'Negotiate Price' on galoo and still adhere to Minimum Advertised Price policies?

At you're free from the constraints of traditional Minimum Advertised Price policies. Sell your goods at whatever price works for you.

Is there a limit to the number of requests I can respond to simultaneously?

As a registered Seller, you can respond to as many requests as you like at any one time.

How can galoo help me sell my products or services to Buyers?

Buyers worldwide are directed to your product and service listings when they search for what you have to offer. List your wares by item or service category, geographical location and more. By customizing your listings, buyers will find you more quickly. You also have the option to invite new users to galoo, so that they can purchase products and services from you.

How much should I charge for shipping and handling?

Shipping and handling costs and other logistics are the sole responsibility of the Seller, this isn't dictated by galoo.

Can I invite specific galoo Buyers to visit my listings?

We encourage you to invite your favourite or other highly rated Buyers to view your listings as long as they match the Buyer's needs.

Can I modify an item description once Buyer requests have come in?

As long as the sale is not yet complete, you can modify your item description. Potential Buyers will receive an alert notifying them of any changes. We don't encourage this practice, but sometimes mistakes happen.

Can I ask Buyers questions before completing the buyer request?

You should have no further questions once the transaction is complete. Make sure you have all terms agreed before closing a buyer request.

Should I accept coupons from galoo Buyers?

There are no coupons to process at As a Seller, you're not obligated or encouraged to accept coupons.

How do I cancel or delete listings?

Login to your account, pull up your listing(s) and click 'delete.' We'll ask you to briefly explain the reason for deleting the listing, and then alert all interested buyer, notifying them of the cancellation.

How and when will I receive payment?

With the 'Buy Now' feature payments are processed immediately on your website. With the 'Negotiate Price' feature Buyers are billed for orders after the buyer request has been agreed by both the Seller and the Buyer. Protect your products, services and privacy by using our third-party escrow service to process payments. Any other payment terms must be clearly outlined in your listings.

What is a Featured Product or Service?

It is a product or service that the seller declares that is willing to negotiate the selling price with an interested buyer.

How Featured Products / Services work for the Buyer and the Seller?

Sellers post their featured product or service on their seller profile page. Buyers can view featured products or services on the site and select one that they would like to make an offer on. Seller is notified and if "instant answer" is turned on, then the buyer receives an immediate answer of whether their offer is accepted or not.

How Features Products / Services work for Sellers

Galoo's featured product or service section is designed to showcase your products or service. Whether it be for direct purchase or to show a galoo buyer your product or service, galoo provides this service to enhance your sales. The featured product or service displays only the retail price and buyers are able to click and negotiate with you. Our optional "instant answer" innovative system allows you to provide buyers with an answer the moment they post their requested price. By entering the variable of price you are willing to accept, the buyer can receive and instant answer if within that price.

I am a buyer and I don't want to wait for an answer. Is there a solution?

Yes, any product or service with an "instant answer" symbol will give you an answer about the price you requested within minutes.

I am a seller, how do I post my products/ services that I want to negotiate the selling price?

It is easy. After you register as Seller, you go to "My Galoo" and you click on your Seller profile. On the left hand menu at the bottom you see the plus sign and the prompt Add a Featured Product, or Add a featured Service Click on the plus sign, and fill the form- add title, photo description and the suggested retail price. Then click to upload. You must do this for each product or service, one by one. You can edit the posts from your Sellers Profile Page.

Is there a limit to how many times a buyer can request a price on the same product or service?

Yes, a buyer can only make an offer one time on an "instant answer" product or service but if your offer is not accepted, you still have the opportunity to go into negotiation with the seller.

As a Seller how long can i post the featured product or service for?

You can post it for as long as you like but our terms and conditions state that you cannot have a sale on this product or service while posted.

I am a Seller, where do I see the Featured Products or Services that I posted?

On Galoo, the moment you fill your profile, you have created a Seller's page, which shows your ID, your ratings and your products or services that you are willing to negotiate the price for selling them. It does not show your name or any contact details, which remain confidential, unless you are willing to disclose them.

How am i notified if a buyer purchased the item or if a buyer wants to negotiate with me?

Galoo provides an email to the email address you specify. You can also check your "my galoo" or galoo inbox for responses.

How do users see the featured products or services?

All Featured products / services that have been posted on Galoo are shown on the Featured Products/ Services page within the site. If a buyer clicks on your product or service, he will land on your Seller's page. On top of the above, when a buyer is typing a product or service on the Buyer request form, the relevant featured products or services are popping up next to the form, so the buyer can chose to populate automatically the form by clicking on one of these pop ups.

How many products or services can I post on galoo?

The amount of postings is limited to 12 in all categories. If you want to post more, then you must contact us.

Do I have to pay for posting Featured Products or Services as a Seller?

No. The posting is free of charge. Upon a successful sale you will be prompt to pay us a success fee, see pricing.

What if a buyer, on instant answer, keeps putting in a price?

A buyer can only put one price in before they have an option of converting their interest to negotiation so our sellers are price protected.

How does the third party escrow service work?

Our third party escrow service offers Buyers and Sellers privacy, protection and peace of mind as a platform through which funds are exchanged and sales are processed. It's recommended that you use this service each time you close a buyer request on galoo.

Does galoo participate in Buyer and Seller disputes?

galoo only gets involved in Buyer and Seller disputes when reaching a resolution is otherwise impossible. If you have done all you can to reach a mutually acceptable agreement and are still unhappy, please contact us here.

How much does it cost to use Transpact and how do I pay?

We have a fixed fee for transactions which is normally split between the Buyer and Seller costing only £2.99 each for GBP transactions, and only €3.49 each for Euro transactions.

Can I pay by credit card?

No, payment from your bank account acts as your 'virtual handshake' proving that you agree to the conditions of the transaction. Our service is set up to make immediate payments directly between bank accounts using the convenient, quick and free FPS system for GB Pounds or the SEPA protocol for Euro payments.

As the Buyer do I have to pay the Seller and Transpact fee separately?

No, you make one payment to cover your purchase and the Transpact fee.

Why do I, the Seller, pay this fee?

Your payment of our fee by bank transfer is part of your 'virtual handshake' proving that you agree to the conditions of the transaction between yourself and the Buyer. If the Buyer agrees to pay the whole fee, you will pay no fee.

Can Transpact take money out of my bank account?

No, only you can take money out of your bank account. When you wish to pay money to Transpact's Client Account, you (and only you) instruct your bank in the same way that you would make any other payment from your bank account.

Does Transpact affect my legal rights in a Transaction?

Transpact protects you and does not lessen your legal rights in a Transaction. Since Transpact only involves payment for a Transaction, you have every remedy in law after having used Transpact, just as if you had used another payment method. Even if you use the Transpact dispute process to resolve payment of the Transaction amount and your chosen referee makes a binding ruling on who receives payment, you still have every right in law including use of the courts, that you would have had, had you used another payment method. If you wish, you and the other party to your Transaction can agree in advance to settle any dispute concerning the Transaction (and not just payment of the Transaction Amount) by using the Transpact dispute process. If you do so, depending on what you decide in advance, a referee's decision may then be final, although this is outside the scope of Transpact.

Can Transpact be used to pay for online auctions?

Transpact is suitable for any transaction involving payment of money, and so can also be used for payment following online auctions. With its referee system to resolve disputes, Transpact may work out as a cost effective option. If you are a Seller tired of paying payment fees, you can now split the fee with the Buyer or even pass it on to the Buyer entirely.

How do I know I can trust you with my money?

Transpact is registered with the FSA and Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs (HMRC) and exists in order to protect and safeguard your money, and we have set up safeguards and security systems using securely encrypted web channels and only UK Government guaranteed bank accounts. Because Transpact is a completely new payment system, we have had to wait for new regulatory standards to satisfy it, commencing on 1 November 2009 - The Payment Services Regulations 2009 - we are actually setting new standards in payment protection.

From which countries can I use Transpact?

You can use Transpact if you have a bank account in any EU country. If you don't have a bank account in the EU, but have a bank account in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore, Switzerland or the United States then you can still use Transpact, although surcharges may apply - please contact Transpact to be notified of these surcharges on a case by case basis.

In which currencies can I use Transpact?

You can use Transpact in GB Pounds, Euros, US Dollars, Hong Kong Dollars, Canadian Dollars or Australian Dollars. Our standard transactions take place in Euros and GB Pounds and US Dollars. For transactions in other currencies, surcharges apply - please contact Transpact to be notified of these surcharges on a case by case basis.

I am not a UK / EU citizen. Am I protected?

The UK and EU laws and regulations which govern our services do not only protect UK and EU citizens. So although you may not be protected by your local laws since we are outside their jurisdiction, you should be protected by UK and EU law. See the Financial Ombudsman and the FSCS websites, for example, for details on how you can use these services to ensure that you are protected.

Why are US Dollar transactions so much more expensive than Euro and Pound transactions?

Both the EU and the UK have modern banking payment systems that allow money to be transferred between bank accounts almost immediately, at little or no cost. The US has a banking system that seems more reminiscent of the 1890's and telegraph operation than the 2010's and the internet. Unlike the EU and the UK, there is currently no easy way of sending US dollars irrevocably between two bank accounts at little cost, even in the internet age. Hopefully, one day soon the US can get its house in order, and charges can be brought down to EU and UK levels. Please note that Transpact's USD charges include the cost of our wiring money anywhere (legal) in the world.

What is FPS?

FPS stands for the Faster Payment Service, a new service introduced in June 2008 by most UK banks to speed up internet and telephone banking payments. Payments under £10,000 between two FPS accounts happen within a few seconds to a few hours, and the money arrives fully cleared in the receiving bank account, allowing you to withdraw it immediately.

How long will it take to receive the money once payment is agreed?

For GB Pounds - As long as your bank account is FPS enabled, you should normally receive the money within minutes of the other party (or the referee) authorizing payment to you through Transpact. There is a limit for FPS payments of a maximum amount of £10,000 per day, so if your payment is for more than £10,000 you have the option of either spreading payment over a number of days (first payment normally to arrive within minutes as above) or making special arrangement for a same day transfer (fee applies). For Euros - We pay using the SEPA payment protocol, which dictates that the money arrives cleared in your bank account within one to three business days (reducing to just one day from end 2011). There is a maximum outgoing amount of EUR 50,000 per SEPA payment per day. Other currencies use wire transfer to send money, and rely on its timescales.

What transactions can I use Transpact for?

You can use Transpact for any transaction that involves payment of money. There are a multitude of uses, and we expect new services to spring up on the internet which were not possible before Transpact.

Can I increase the Transaction Amount for a Transaction already underway on Transpact?

Yes, as long as the transaction terms you have set and agreed make sense and give direct orders on how to treat the additional transaction amount (otherwise you may find you have money orphaned in Transpact, with the referee having no idea who to transmit this additional money to and both sides trying to claim it). If the transaction terms do not satisfactorily allow for additional money to be added, then don't worry, just create a new transaction, and in the new transaction terms make it clear that this new transaction relates to and is connected to the first transaction.

Are the conditions I agree with the other party on Transpact important?

Yes, the conditions are crucial. These determine whether or not payment should be made and to whom, and will guide the referee's decision should a dispute arise. So every word of the conditions is important and, since words are sometimes open to different interpretations, you will need to word the conditions carefully so that the referee is clear on what has been agreed. You will find recommended conditions on our site which have been drafted by our lawyers for certain types of transactions.

I am using Transpact to pay for a transaction. Can I be scammed?

If your conditions state or imply that payment will be made to the other party on a certain event and that event occurs, then payment will be made. So, for example, if you agree to buy worthless or low value shares for a high price, and agree to place payment in Transpact until you receive a share certificate, then you are quite capable of receiving a worthless share certificate at very high cost. In such a case, if you chose the Transpact consumer protection clause option, you may possibly still be protected before you authorise payment to the other party at the end of the Transpact process. But once you authorise payment and the money is paid, then Transpact offers no further protection. So ensure that your conditions protect you in all eventualities, and the conditions do not force you to release payment until your safety has been assured.

The other party insists I use their nominated referee. Should I use them?

If you are uncomfortable with the choice of referee, don't proceed. Should you come to a dispute, the nominated referee has to act fairly and impartially according to the Arbitration Act, 1996. If you felt that the referee had not acted fairly, the onus would be on you to prove that the referee had in fact not acted impartially within reasonable bounds and you might find this very difficult. So you should only enter a transaction on Transpact if you have satisfied yourself that the referee chosen by the other party will conduct any necessary arbitration fairly and evenly and without bias.

What about Returns, Refunds and Exchanges?

Returns, refunds and exchanges are not guaranteed on galoo. Read listing descriptions and the Sellers terms and conditions carefully before making any purchases. If you have questions, contact the Seller whose terms of sale must be outlined in each listing and/or in the Seller's profile. It is useful to review prior Buyer and Seller ratings at galoo before you agree to do business with them.

When is it appropriate to file a complaint against another galoo user?

If the Buyer or Seller you're doing business with does not respond to questions or complaints within a 48 hour period, click here to contact us. We'll do our best to contact them and get clarification.

Can other galoo users see my contact information?

Until you're truly ready to make a buyer request your contact information remains confidential. This allows you to screen offers, review Buyer and Seller ratings, and make informed decisions in complete privacy. Once you're ready to make a purchase or close a sale, we put you in contact with your Buyer or Seller of choice.

Should I share my personal information with other galoo users?

We do not encourage galoo users to post personal or other identifying information in their Buyer or Seller profiles. By exchanging your contact information only at critical junctures in a negotiation or sale, we protect you from unwanted, unsolicited and unsuitable Buyer and Seller pairings.

What kind of information should I provide during negotiations?

Whether you're searching for products or services or posting them in our directory, only provide information relevant to the sale. This can include geographical location, thorough descriptions of your request or sale items, terms of sale and the 'Buy Now' list price or your 'Negotiate Price' offer.

How does rating other galoo users benefit me?

Ratings offer an honest glimpse at the person you plan to do business with. At galoo we want you to make informed decisions whilst browsing and shopping in our worldwide marketplace. Ratings help you to do that.

Is the rating process easy?

The galoo rating process is simple and seamless. At the end of each sale you can instantly rate your Buyer or Seller in key areas. As you receive ratings from other users you establish credibility and gain status as a trusted galoo user.

Should I rate my Seller or Buyer if I'm unhappy?

If you're unhappy with a sale, contact the Buyer or Seller to resolve the problem. Ratings are intended to allow you to provide honest, objective feedback that's helpful to other galoo users.

How long do I have to leave feedback?

You can rate a Buyer or Seller at any time after closing a sale. We suggest that you post feedback immediately, since ratings are an essential part of the galoo process.

Where on galoo do I go to rate another user?

If you opted not to rate your Seller or Buyer at the close of your initial sale, login to your galoo user profile. Click on the related transaction and post your rating.

I tried logging in but nothing happened – what should I do?

Close your browser window and reopen it so that you can try logging in again. Contact us here if you are still experiencing issues.

I received an offer but when I try to accept the offer nothing happens – what's wrong?

Check to see whether the timeframe for accepting offers has expired. It's also possible that the Seller has cancelled or deleted their offer. If neither of those applies, click here to reach a galoo Guru.

I haven't received any offers on my request or listing – should I change my Account settings?

Individual requests and listings are not generally affected by Account settings. Review your criteria for geographical location, price range, etc. Modify your request or listing to appeal to a greater number of Buyers and Sellers – or invite Buyers and Sellers to participate in negotiations with you.