About Galoo

For consumers looking to buy products or services at great prices and for sellers looking to list their own products and services, galoo.com provides the answer.

Galoo is a radically different approach to buying and selling online which has the potential to completely disrupt the traditional way we price goods and services, unlocking real value and bringing a correction of the market, globally, in alignment with social values.

By offering the reverse buying system (patented by galoo), buyers are able to purchase products or services in one of two ways. They can make a direct offer on an advertised price for a product already listed, or they can create their own request that is sent to sellers worldwide, at a price they wish to pay. In order to strengthen their enquiry, the buyer is able to invite friends through online social networks to join their request. This results in sellers offering lower prices for a higher number of orders.

For some products the price listed by sellers might already be acceptable to the buyer. If this is the case, the buyer can buy the product directly through the galoo's price comparison partners. Once a product or service is purchased and the transaction completed, the galoo savings calculator will display the amount the buyer has saved by using galoo. Should the buyer wish, there is an option to contribute part of their savings to a charity of their choice through the galoo save and donate system.

Haggle for the Best Price

By offering an all-in-one service, users of galoo save time, money and effort in finding products, services, sellers and buyers that they need. It is this co-existence that sets galoo apart. Buyers and sellers are free to negotiate prices and haggle for the best buyer requests. It's an age old concept which has at last been delivered with a revolutionary twist into the digital age. If you're looking for the best buyer requests, want to save money on all your purchases or want targeted customers, sign up now.

The galoo Executive Team

The executive team is the "galoo" that binds the buyers and sellers together! (though we need to work on our sense of humour).

With over a century of buying and selling experience, our management team is comprised of leaders from different nationalities and backgrounds. They do, however, share a skill set that allows them to help consumers get more for their money, whilst enabling entrepreneurs to expand and launch new and existing ventures. They pride themselves on seeking out and creating opportunities for robust economic growth and trade facilitation across the globe.

Mrs. Alison Andrews is the founder and CEO of Galoo. She is a well-known entrepreneur with skills in technology and marketing. In 2006, she founded a consulting company to service International companies who are interested in expanding in the South East European Region. Among her clientele are several large Greek Real Estate Companies, Banks and an International Oil Conglomerate . For the past six years Alison has also been running the successful online newspaper, Balkans.com Business News, reporting on all business news for the South East Europe region. She is also known for helping organize the Athens 2005 Congress (along with her parents TRH Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine) during which noted Greek and Serbian business owners ushered in a new era of business partnerships and found ways to boost investments in Serbia.

Mr. Manos Ioannidis is the co-founder and C.O.O. of Galoo. Manos is an International entrepreneur and investor, with specialty in Project Management. He has extensive experience in International Trading, and is the co-founder and Executive Vice President of Balkan Business News. Manos started his career in 1974 in a very competitive industry- production of fashion casual wear exporting to all major retailers in Europe and U.S. (Macy’s, Shears and Roebuck, Apparel Industries etc.in US and Karstadt, H&M, Marks & Spencer, Galleries Lafayette etc in Europe). He started exporting from Greece where he became one the five top exporters in the country and later he moved to Serbia. After the war in Serbia, in 1992, he founded a company to deliver turn key projects in various countries of the world, setting up textile factories from inception. In 1996 he invested in Medical Care Centers and in 1999 he founded a Medical Insurance Company in Greece both of which he sold back in 2004. He is a graduate of Anatolia American College of Thessaloniki Greece and he holds a University Diploma in Business Administration.

Mrs. Elaine Green is a member of the Board of Directors on Galoo. Mrs. Green is the editor in chief of the Financial Times Merger markets edition. She has extensive experience in Public Relations and has been reporting on all major deals in the field of mergers and acquisitions for the past 30 years. Elaine holds a University Diploma in Business.

Mr. Graham Broomfield is a hands on member of the Board of Directors on Galoo, Director of marketing and product development for Galoo.com, with over 13 years hands-on experience with online brands. Graham was previously part of the senior management team that setup and established eBay in the UK having worked as Head of Category Management, Internet Marketing and Business Development Manager during a 5 year career to build the brand in the UK, launching various categories including eBay Motors, eBay Fashion and the eBay affiliate programme as well as various online partnerships. After leaving eBay, Graham joined Kelkoo as Head of Merchandising before taking up the opportunity to work with Kodak and Epson as Head of Search and Affiliates at Oyster Framfab now LBI. Kelkoo and Yahoo Shopping offered Graham an opportunity to return after 5 months as Head of Product where Graham stayed for 4 years re-launching the new Kelkoo website, cash back, voucher code and mobile platforms, as well as various categories and product initiatives and established merchandising and sponsorship opportunities worth in excess of £1m in revenue. Graham holds a BSc in Computer Studies from Nottingham Trent University

The Company

Galoocom Services Ltd, is a privately held company dedicated to internet and mobile solutions, managing and operating the patented 'beat the advertised price' website with a 'reverse buying' method.

The company was formed in March 2011.